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HS2 is already providing huge opportunities for people and businesses across Wales.

Case Study


We’ve engaged with 165 businesses of which 23 have delivered work on HS2.

Involving businesses of all sizes *

  • 16 Micro sized businesses, employing
    1-10 employees
  • 32 Small sized businesses, employing
    11-49 employees
  • 34 Medium sized businesses, employing
    51-249 employees
  • 24 Large sized businesses, employing
    250+ employees

* Excludes businesses who have not supplied company size data

HS2 creates new jobs and upskilling opportunities at Cardiff company

Thomson Habitats, with offices in Cardiff, has taken on new staff to deliver newly awarded HS2 contracts, with 35 people working on the HS2 project, and the potential for more jobs opportunities next year.

The company has also upskilled existing staff in a range of activities including web mapping and geodatabase skills, and species translocation.

Working with the Fusion joint venture on Phase One of HS2 in the Aylesbury areas, services include habitat creation, such as pond construction, planting & filling, tree planting, grass seeding, fencing and landscaping maintenance.

Three workers in an excavated pond
Lining ponds with geotextile cushioning and liner

CEO, Nancy Thomson, said:

Our involvement with the HS2 project has given us a great opportunity to further enhance the experience of our growing teams in Guildford, Leeds and Cardiff. Given the longevity of the HS2 scheme, we will continue to develop our existing talent, whilst increasing our headcount to meet the continuing requirements of this landmark infrastructure project.

This project has been transformational for the team at Thomson’s, giving us the opportunity to demonstrate excellent project management of complex, high profile wildlife mitigation challenges.