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South West

HS2 is already providing huge opportunities for people and businesses across the South West.

Case Study

South West

We’ve engaged with 197 businesses of which 65 have delivered work on HS2.

Involving businesses of all sizes *

  • 42 Micro sized businesses, employing
    1-10 employees
  • 47 Small sized businesses, employing
    11-49 employees
  • 54 Medium sized businesses, employing
    51-249 employees
  • 46 Large sized businesses, employing
    250+ employees

* Excludes businesses who have not supplied company size data

HS2 contract creates up to 20 new jobs at L-P: Archaeology, including in its three regional offices

L–P: Archaeology is boosting job opportunities at its locations around the country as a result of its £1.2 million contract win with the UK’s largest infrastructure project. Twenty new jobs will be created in the company’s Bristol, Chester and Bishops Stortford offices, alongside 30 people already employed by the company, to work on archaeology sites on Phase One of HS2 between London and Birmingham.

Guy Hunt, Partner – Archaeologist, said:

As a result of the HS2 contract, we have put significant energy and financial resources into upskilling our staff. We have also undertaken a raft of archaeological training both in terms of formal courses and in-house training, and have an ongoing team training programme for field staff.

The HS2 project is having a huge impact on us, it is transforming the company. Clearly, the turnover and financial element is hugely significant for a small business such as LP. However, perhaps the biggest aspect is the element of training, skills and knowledge, which is radically changing our abilities to tackle much larger projects with much more complex requirements.

Going forward, we feel that we will be able to tackle much larger and more complex projects in the future, we will be able to compete for infrastructure works, which is a sector that we have never worked in, that we will be able to cover a much wider geographical area.