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On board with HS2

HS2 is already providing huge opportunities for people and businesses in every region of the UK.

Across the UK

We’ve engaged with 5524 businesses of which 2294 have delivered work on HS2.

Involving businesses of all sizes *

  • 1130 Micro sized businesses, employing
    1-10 employees
  • 1132 Small sized businesses, employing
    11-49 employees
  • 1217 Medium sized businesses, employing
    51-249 employees
  • 1380 Large sized businesses, employing
    250+ employees

* Excludes businesses who have not supplied company size data

Over 2,000 businesses have already delivered work on HS2, spanning the length and breadth of Britain.

Over half of these are small and medium sized businesses with opportunities created in every corner of the United Kingdom. More than 7,000 jobs are already supported by HS2, forecast to grow to around 15,000 by 2020 and 30,000 at peak construction.

Select a region from the drop down list to see how many local businesses have delivered work on HS2 and to read about how organisations in your area are benefitting from the project already.

Our new skills, employment and education strategy sets out how we will build a sustainable pipeline of jobs and skills for companies across the country, boosting regional economies and creating opportunities for British businesses to take on new employees and upskill their workforce.

Details of what HS2 Ltd is buying from suppliers directly and the stage of procurement for each opportunity are available on the HS2 contract opportunities page. This includes information on who has been shortlisted at the invitation to tender (ITT) stage and contact details for awarded contractors.