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Lancaster will be part of the high speed rail network

'Phase 2b'
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HS2 will transform transport links for Lancashire

HS2 trains will serve the current stations in Preston and Lancaster where passengers can access the high speed network.

HS2 Services in Lancashire

Lancaster from:

  • London, H2 time 101 minutes, current time 144 minutes. Via Interchange between HS2 services at Preston.

Preston to:

  • Birmingham Interchange, HS2 time 44 minutes, current time 116 minutes
  • Birmingham, HS2 time 50 minutes, current time 96 minutes
  • London, HS2 time 78 minutes, current time 128 minutes

HS2 is integral to local plans to drive growth

It will create jobs and secure investment years before it arrives. The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) believes that productivity gains from the impact of HS2 services to the area could help provide an extra £600m for the region.

HS2 will reinforce Preston’s position as a strategic rail hub

The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) sees Preston as the engine for its ambitious plans to establish an ‘arc of prosperity’, running from Lancaster, down the west coast through Blackpool, and east through Preston to Blackburn and Burnley.

Lancashire hosts one of the world’s largest aerospace clusters, supporting over 20,000 jobs. The energy sector employs 37,000 people, including at the Heysham nuclear power stations.

The strong Higher Education sector includes UCLAN in Preston city centre, one of the country’s largest universities. The tourism industry, anchored by Blackpool, is a key employer. Better transport connections will help these sectors to continue prospering.

The LEP’s Strategic Transport Prospectus recognises the need to capitalise on the arrival of HS2. If productivity gains from the impact of HS2 services are similar to those predicted for other regions, in the long-term it could help provide an extra £600 million for the LEP region.

91 North West businesses have already delivered work on HS2

Over half of all companies delivering work for HS2 are small and medium sized businesses.