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Safe at Heart

We don’t want anyone to be harmed during the construction or operation of HS2. That’s why health, safety and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.

But more than this, HS2 offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform standards and deliver a history-making health, safety and wellbeing legacy for our project, our industry and our country.

Safe at heart is our project-wide approach, representing everything we aspire to achieve in health, safety and wellbeing throughout the lifecycle of HS2. It galvanises us behind a common belief, commitments, values and behaviours and sets out our:

  • responsibilities as an industry leader;
  • expectations of all who work for and with HS2;
  • caring approach to our workforce, neighbours and public; and
  • pledge to giving physical and mental health equal status to safety.


Every organisation involved in HS2 – large and small – shares a commitment to raise the bar higher than ever before for health, safety and wellbeing.  This commitment will underpin all our plans, decisions and actions.

For everyone working on HS2, being Safe at heart means:

  • Caring about ourselves, our colleagues, everyone impacted by HS2 and the work we do.
  • Making sure that every decision and action we take counts because everyone involved in HS2 counts.
  • Recognising that what we do matters to the future of our industry and country.

Here, we share resources that provide an overview of our Safe at heart approach, its importance to achieving our strategic health and safety goal and the principles, seven focus areas and 21 commitments that underpin it.


Supply Chain Health and Safety Approach

Transformation Plan

Focus areas and commitments