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Chris Rayner


Chris Rayner joined High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd in April 2015 and holds the position of Infrastructure Director.

Chris has extensive experience of railway operations in various countries, including roles at the British Railways Board and Balfour Beatty in the USA, Sweden and Hong Kong. Joining Network Rail in 2001, he was Managing Director of the Network Rail subsidiary business responsible for the operations and maintenance of HS1 infrastructure.

In 2011, Chris became Managing Director of Serco Dubai Metro, responsible for operations and maintenance of the Dubai Metro.


Infrastructure Director

The Infrastructure Director is responsible for:

  • representing the interests of the passengers and operators through the design development and construction process
  • developing the infrastructure management regime in preparation to become the infrastructure manager of the operating railway
  • leading the procurement of the rolling stock and depots
  • developing the overall specification and design of HS2, it’s stations, infrastructure and rolling stock and delivering the design assurance process