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  1. Design Panel

    20th March 2018

    We want HS2 to make the country proud and show the world what great British design can do. Find out how the Design Panel will help us do that.

  2. Building the line

    15th December 2017

  3. team planting young trees

    Five Rivers Environmental – Case Study

    10th April 2019

    Five Rivers is just one business benefiting from engaging with HS2 suppliers. Find out how.

  4. Investing in our economy

    30th November 2017

    How will HS2 help Britain achieve a more balanced, more productive economy?

  5. Suppliers and businesses

    15th December 2017

    HS2 is creating thousands of contract opportunities in its supply chain. Find out how your business can get involved.

  6. HS2 staff sitting around a table and working together.

    Our principles and values

    19th March 2018

    Our guiding principles show we care for the public, their money and each other.

  7. Staff of Littlewood Fencing lined up behind banner

    Littlewood Fencing – Case Study

    11th April 2019

    Littlewood Fencing are benefiting from HS2 supply chain opportunities. Find out how.

  8. Commercial Management

    6th August 2019

    HS2 is a unique opportunity. With the expert input of our procurement, commercial and contract professionals, this high-speed rail link will change the future of the country.

  9. HS2 can help realise the potential of the North

    11th February 2019

    The publication of Transport for the North’s Strategic Transport Plan (STP) and Investment Programme is a continuing sign of progress and the intent to restructure the North’s transport system.

  10. Artists impression of the new high speed rail station at Curzon St.

    Birmingham Curzon Street

    27th February 2018

    Curzon Street Station will be at the heart of the high speed rail network.