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  1. Safe at heart logo 2

    Safe at Heart

    24th February 2020

    We don’t want anyone to be harmed during the construction or operation of HS2. That’s why health, safety and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.

  2. Building HS2

    10th February 2020

  3. Safe at heart logo 2

    About the Safe at heart library

    6th February 2020

    Welcome to HS2’s Safe at heart library. Here you’ll find lots of resources showing our commitment to making HS2 the UK’s safest ever major project.

  4. Safe at heart library

    6th February 2020

  5. Curzon Street Station Design Information

    14th January 2020

    Find out more about the new Curzon Street Station designs.

  6. How HS2 benefits Yorkshire and the Humber

    1st October 2019

    Find out about the travel and wider economic benefits to Yorkshire and the Humber

  7. overhead view of Old Oak Common station

    Helping reduce overcrowding

    20th August 2019

    HS2’s brand new track and fast intercity services will carry more than 2 million people a week.

  8. Commercial Management

    6th August 2019

    HS2 is a unique opportunity. With the expert input of our procurement, commercial and contract professionals, this high-speed rail link will change the future of the country.

  9. artist impression on new station exterior


    16th July 2019

    Interchange serves Solihull, Birmingham Airport and the NEC.

  10. HS2 employee stories

    27th June 2019

    Find out what its like working on one of the largest, most complex infrastructure programmes in generations directly from the people helping to build it.