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  1. Doc

    HS2 supplier guide

    5th March 2018

    The HS2 supplier guide has been developed to help suppliers find out more about the HS2 project.

  2. Wigan

    9th March 2018

    HS2 will serve Wigan North Western station

  3. Residents’ charter and the commissioners

    9th February 2018

    We recognise that as we develop, design and build the new railway, our activities will impact on the communities in which we will operate.

  4. Route map (described)

    7th March 2019

    Welcome to the text only version of our interactive map. You can use this tool to find information about all HS2 stations.

  5. How HS2 benefits your area

    3rd September 2019

    Find out the benefits for where you live

  6. Pupils attend a HS2 secondary education workshop

    Responsible business and people

    13th February 2019

    Everyone should have an equal and fair opportunity to fulfil their potential.

  7. London Euston

    7th March 2018

    The arrival of HS2 will transform Euston, delivering much-needed extra capacity and better journeys for the millions of people who use the station every year.