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Organisation chart

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  1. CEO's office

    Mark Thurston

    Mark Thurston

    Chief Executive Officer

    CEO's office


    Amy Morley

    Chief of Staff

    1. Human Resources

      Neil Hayward

      Neil Hayward

      Human Resources Director

      1. Shira Johnson

        Head of Organisational Development & Capability

        Verona Farquharson

        Head of Reward


      Michael Bradley

      Michael Bradley

      Chief Financial Officer

      1. Elizabeth Gillbe

        Finance Director

        Sarah Johnson

        Sponsorship Director

        Gordon Alexander

        Programme Management Office Director


      Richard Robinson

      Richard Robinson

      Chief Operating Officer

      1. David Poole

        Procurement & Supply Chain Director

        Tom Venner

        Commercial Development Director

      Legal & Company Secretariat

      Nicole Geoghegan

      Nicole Geoghegan

      General Counsel and Company Secretary

      1. Non Owen

        Deputy Company Secretary

        Colin Hamling

        Head of Insurance

      Safety and Assurance Directorate

      Emma Head

      Emma Head

      Safety and Assurance Director

      1. Richard Jordan

        Chief Security & Resilience Office

      Infrastructure Directorate

      Chris Rayner

      Chris Rayner

      Infrastructure Director

      1. Tim Smart

        Chief Engineer

      Stakeholder Engagement

      Private: Tom Kelly

      Private: Tom Kelly

      Strategic Director for Stakeholder Engagement

      1. Julie King

        Community Engagement Director

      Phase One

      Jim Crawford

      Jim Crawford

      Managing Director – Phase One

      1. Rob Carr

        Phase One Programme Director Area South

      Phase 2

      Paul Griffiths

      Paul Griffiths

      Managing Director - Phase Two

      1. Currently vacant

        Phase Two Commercial Director