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Land owners

These guides provide information for farmers and growers affected by High Speed Two (HS2) construction as well as explaining the different type of environmental surveys and how long they take.

HS2 information for farmers and growers

The guides for farmers and growers set out High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd’s proposed approach to handling agricultural property matters. They provide a single source of information for all those affected by either Phase One or Phase 2a. There will eventually be a bespoke guide for each affected farmer.

The guides comprise 3 parts:

  • part 1 contains general policies and guidance on key issues, including land acquisition, land access, construction, land restoration and compensation.
  • in part 2, further explanatory notes on land acquisition and temporary occupation are included.
  • in part 3 is an example of the content that will be tailored to an individual farmer. The principles set out in the guide will be adhered to during the detailed design and construction of the railway.

HS2 Phase One Guide for Farmers and Growers

The guidance may be subject to revision over time, as practices are improved or modified. It is expected that a guide for Phase 2b will be created following deposit of the Phase 2b hybrid Bill in 2019.

A guide to environmental surveys being carried out by HS2

This guide provides short descriptions of the different kinds of survey in our programme, including the methods we use and how long they take.

Where possible, we work on publicly accessible land, including footpaths and rights of way. However, some surveys involve accessing private land. For this, we need the agreement and cooperation of landowners and property occupiers.

As we develop the plans for the High Speed Two (HS2) railway, we need to build up a clear picture of the local environment. This will help us to create a design for HS2 that limits its environmental effects. Surveys are an important part of this. They provide a baseline of the current environmental conditions.

A non-technical guide to environmental surveys being carried out for HS2 Phase 2b