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  1. Our policies and procedures

    18th March 2020

    You can see the information we hold in registers and on lists that relate to the functions of HS2 Ltd.

  2. Organisation chart

    28th April 2020

    Mandatory introductory text goes here

  3. How we make decisions

    18th March 2020

    There are several committees and forums which discuss proposals and make decisions to help keep the HS2 project on track.

  4. Artists impression of the new high speed rail station at Curzon St.

    Why HS2

    15th December 2017

  5. Homepage

    20th May 2018

    Homepage introduction

  6. HS2 and your business

    2nd April 2020

    HS2 is a great opportunity for local businesses of all types and sizes.

  7. Building HS2

    15th December 2017

  8. Privacy Notice

    30th April 2018

    We’d like to explain how we look after your personal information and protect your privacy.

  9. Help with your application

    1st October 2018

    Our application process is simple, but robust and effective. It gives you insight into HS2, while giving us the information we need to ensure you’re right for the role.

  10. What our priorities are and how we are doing

    18th March 2020

    Information about the HS2 project, what the plans are and how progress is being made.